On March 1, 1493, the caravel la Pinta arrived in Baiona. On board was Martín Alonso Pinzón, one of the famous Pinzón brothers, who brought the new of the Discovery of America. In fact, Baiona is the first European mainland town to receive this important new. This fact marked an important part of the history of our Villa and, therefore, every first weekend of March we celebrate the “Arribada” festival.

The inhabitants of Baiona dress in the period, and their streets move you centuries ago with minstrels, artisans and musicians acting around. In different places of the village, food stalls where to taste traditional food as empanadas, choripanes, roasted pork, roasted ham sandwiches or filloas. On the beach, in front of the old wall where the Parador is located nowadays, there are jousts and horse battles, falconry shows and the story counted by the “ship´s crew”.

This festival, which was declared of international tourist interest in 2015, is without a doubt a spectacle to enjoy whatever your age and condition. Come celebrate it with us!

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